Studio Sarah

Custom Jewelery Design


My work is clean, simple, and timeless. I love the use of geometric shapes and mixed and colourful gemstones. My motto is “the bigger the better!” I aim to create everyday wear pieces that turn heads and make you feel confident and edgy regardless of the occasion.

Most of my inspiration harvests from my creative upbringing by an artistic family, who encouraged me to think outside the box and be confident with my designs. I am also inspired by the experience of traveling – immersing myself in other cultures and stepping onto new soil can often directly reflect in my work.

I pride myself on using only ethically mined gemstones, synthetic and recycled materials. My goal is to educate customers about various materials to promote sustainable and ethical purchasing while preserving the highest excellence in my merchandise.

Not only do I advocate the importance of recycled and sustainability in the jewellery industry; ultimately, I have as much fun designing and creating each piece in each of my collections as my customers have wearing them.